General Terms and Conditions for Visa Prepaid ‘’Gift Cards’’ Issued by Corner Bank Ltd

1. General /Card Issuance

On acceptance of the Card Application, Cornèr Banca SA (hereinafter referred to as "the Bank") shall issue to the Applicant a personal and non-transferable Prepaid VISA Card (hereinafter referred to as "the Card"). The Card shall remain the property of the Bank. The Card must be kept in a safe place and protected against unauthorized access by third parties. The Cardholder shall inform the Bank immediately and in writing of any changes in the information provided on the Card Application, in particular of changes in personal data or address. The Cardholder shall be liable of all obligations arising from the use of the Card and from these Terms and Conditions. He shall further be liable for all consequences resulting from the failure to comply with the obligation to safeguard the Card.

2. Validity/Spending Limit

The Card shall remain valid until the date indicated on the card. The Cardholder shall undertake to sign the Card as soon as he receives it. The Card can be used up to the initial amount loaded on the card. The spending limit shall decrease as card usage increases. Card spending above the spending limit shall not be allowed; should this limit nevertheless be exceeded, the Cardholder shall repay the excess amount immediately and in full.

3. Use of the Card

The Cardholder is authorized to purchase goods and services from affiliated merchants provided that they are equipped with an electronic acceptance device for Visa Cards. Affiliated merchants shall be entitled to require proof of identity. By signing the appropriate voucher when using the Card, the Cardholder acknowledges the correctness of the amount. Moreover, the Cardholder shall acknowledge the validity of transactions carried out with the Card or with the Card details but without a signature (e.g. on Internet). The Cardholder shall irrevocably authorize the Bank to pay this amount to the affiliated merchants. The Cardholder becomes debtor of the Bank with regard to the amounts paid by the Bank. The Bank reserves the right not to honor any vouchers which do not comply with these General Terms and Conditions. The Card merely functions as a cashless means of payment. The Bank shall not be held liable for any transactions conducted with the Card. In particular, the Cardholder shall acknowledge that the Bank is not liable even if, for any reason, the affiliated merchants do not accept the Card, or accept it only partly. The Cardholder shall further acknowledge that the Bank is not liable for the latters' services and shall refrain from filing any complaint with the Bank in connection with the vouchers themselves and/or the card usages relating thereto. This shall also apply in the case of late delivery of, or failure to deliver, goods or services. In the event of disputes or complaints of any kind concerning goods or services, or the exercise of any right in this connection, the Cardholder shall contact exclusively the affiliated merchant. In particular, the Cardholder shall not be released from his obligation to pay the Bank in case of any disputes that may arise. The Card may only be used for transactions which are lawful.

4. Processing of Transactions/Verification of the Balance

All purchases and other transactions made with the Card or with the details on it, as well as all payments, will be treated based on the value date according to the date of the accounting entry. For card usage conducted in other currencies, the Cardholder shall accept the exchange rate used by the Bank. The Cardholder may at any time view the balance of his Card by means of online access functionalities available on the website of the Bank. The Cardholder can also ask for his card balance by phoning the Call Center of the Bank, using the dedicated phone number. The balance includes all transactions notified to the Bank up to the evening of the previous working day (in Switzerland).

5. Card Cancellation and Refund of Balance

Gift Cards cannot be cancelled or refunded.

6. Loss of the Card

No replacement Card will be issued. Any remaining balance on the card will not be refunded.

7. Blocking of the Card

The Bank reserves the right at its discretion to block and/or recall the Card of the Cardholder at any time, without advance warning and without having to give reasons. Its decision cannot be contested. The Bank shall not be held liable for consequences which might arise for the Cardholder as a result of the blocking or recall of the Card. The use of a blocked card is unlawful and may result in prosecution, as may the obligations incurred by the Cardholder as a result. The Bank reserves the right to provide the affiliated merchants and authorized banks with any information they may require to obtain the due amount directly from the Cardholder.

8. Consent/Transferability/Confirmation/Place of

Jurisdiction/Other Conditions The Bank shall be authorized to record telephone conversations between it andb the Cardholder on quality assurance and security grounds, to store these recordings on data media and to keep them for one year. Moreover, the Cardholder certifies the data furnished on the Card application to be correct and authorizes the Bank to obtain from public offices, employer, banks and World Check or ZEK any information deemed necessary for the review of his application. The Bank may offer to assign or assign all or any of the rights accruing to it from this Card agreement (from use of the Card, annual fee, etc.) to third parties in Switzerland and abroad. It shall be authorized to disclose information and data in connection with this agreement to such third parties at any time. Unless such third parties are subject to Swiss banking secrecy, this information shall be disclosed only if the recipients of the information and data undertake to keep them secret and make this obligation binding on any other contract partners. (The information and data disclosed to third parties shall, in principle, only be used for the collection and performance of outstanding claims.). The Cardholder has read and understood these General Terms and Conditions and accepts them in full by signing his or her Card Application. By signing and/or using the Card, the Cardholder acknowledges receipt of a copy of the Card Application completed by him and confirms acceptance thereof. Signing and/or use of the Card shall represent a further confirmation of the acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions. The Bank reserves the right to amend these General Terms and Conditions at any time. The Cardholder shall be informed of such changes by circular letter or in some other appropriate form. The changes shall be regarded as accepted if the Cardholder raises no objection within 30 days of notification.

All legal relations between the Cardholder and the Bank shall be subject to Swiss law. The place of performance, the place of special proceedings for the collection of debts owed by Cardholders residing abroad and the exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes shall be Lugano subject to mandatory dispositions of substantive Swiss law.

The Bank shall, however, also have the right to take legal action against the Cardholder in the competent court of his place of residence or in any other competent court.

Balance Enquiries:
Please refer to the contact details on the back of the card